The Goehner Groups clear direction was a huge confidence-booster to members of our capital campaign steering committee, and their suppor...
Mark Lawson ( Liverpool, New York )
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capital campaigns, a time of
spiritual growth
A capital campaign should be a time of spiritual growth and development in the life of church. Ministry must drive facilities and a clear ministry plan and vision is critical prior to any building campaign.

The Goehner Group consultant serves as campaign coach, trainer, and facilitator. Every effort is made to involve key leaders...

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test internal priorities with
definitive data
Organizational studies assess the preparedness of a congregation to support with passion and commitment a proposed capital campaign.

The study allows the church leadership to test the "internal priorities" with definitive data from the entire congregation.

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we identify strengths using
Pastoral and Executive Staff searches are a three step process lead by The Goehner Group Team.

The first step assesses what the church is seeking in a candidate and includes a multiple day, on-site visit to review the church's mission and vision and to interview the staff to determine the nature of the leadership needed for the pastoral position.

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The principles for my own life as a result of my spiritual journey

I have developed some principles for my own life as a result of my spiritual journey and a clearer understanding of God’s plan for stewardship:

  1. Giving is a privilege. If we own a car or a home, our resources are in the top two percent of the world’s population. The resources are God’s and I simply must give back to him.
  2. Generous giving is an evidence of spiritual leadership. We can learn from David in 1 Chronicles 29: giving begins with the leader.
  3. Giving must be based on stewardship decisions. Although people often say they will give something, a “something” gift is rarely sacrificial. Jesus challenged the rich young ruler to give everything, and praised the poor widow who gave her last mite.
  4. People give to vision, not programs and budgets. Changed lives, rebuilt homes, marriages restored and needs met among the poor are just a few of the solid, life-changing ministries that Christians want to support with their resources.
  5. Giving is a way of relaxing money’s grip on us. Because money is often synonymous with power, giving helps us see money with the right perspective.
  6. Christians should be challenged to combine their faith and their giving. We, as Christians, can and should be encouraged to live simply and prudently, seeking the gift – and satisfaction – of giving.

Over the past 30 years I’ve had the opportunity of working with hundreds of volunteers. One humble gentleman and committed Christian volunteered to serve on the major gifts committee of a capital campaign. He had been very successful in his farming business and wanted to give back to God. I accompanied him as he visited friends and family to share his passion for this particular ministry. As a result of his personal stewardship and the financial response of those he visited, he was personally responsible for nearly 30 percent of the total campaign goal.

Author Richard Foster has written, “In times of persecution, Christians give their lives, in times of prosperity, Christians give the fruit of their life’s work.”

When – and if – you and I turn from our own pursuits to face the needs and the needy God has put in our lives, will we respond as God-honoring stewards who can do nothing less in light of His generous gifts to us?

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